Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Stuff is Fun :)

"Knock Knock"
Me: "Helllo UPS man!! Thank you SO much!"
UPS Man: "Alright...(wave)"

Man, he could have at LEAST said you're welcome...but it's HERE! The sofa fabric is here! Yay! This is what happened next:

Moshe: "What's that? Something for me?"
Kali: "No punk, it's for me. Back off before I smack you upside your fool head!"

She's a brat, what can I say. :) I really love the fabric though - I was nervous ordering it online since I hadn't seen it but fabric.com offers free shipping on orders over $35 and free returns so that put my mind at ease. I pulled off the first piece of the sofa tonight, so it's on now! No turning back!

I also took Micheal on another late night Frosty craigslist run (with a Frosty stop on the way) to pick up this cool lamp, or as the poster described it "striking."

The amber color is very pretty, and it's tall! I'm not a huge fan of the shade, it's kinda dingy so I'll probably replace with a nice white and a bit shorter drum shade. Here's a pic to help understand how tall it is...

:) So the lamp itself is about as tall as Da'Moshe. He's so helpful, I tell ya.

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