Thursday, June 2, 2011

DC Craigslist Deals (Mid-Century, Art Deco, Vintage) - $50 and under!

Craigslist is insane right now with great deals because everyone and their aunt in the DC Metro area is moving or spring cleaning! There are so many great pieces of furniture out there that my only way to cope without buying them is to share them with you all. :) So here goes! (Click on the picture for a link to the original ad.)

Vintage Chair $40

I might still pick up this chair for myself... I've really been wanting a sofa chair to recover for my apartment bedroom.

Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table $50

Very nice lines, appears to be in good condition.

Vintage Dresser $50

I'm surprised at how much I like this dresser since it's not MCM. But it's really cool.

Super Cool MCM Clock $25

I'm in the process of refurbishing my starburst clock right now - but how cool would this be, maybe spray painted white? And at $25 it's a good deal!

Tile and Wood MCM Coffee Table - $50

The tiles are totally NMS (not my style) but could be replaced. Look how sexy her legs are though!

Art Deco Desk - $35

Come on, this is just gorgeous!

Vintage Wicker Chair - $15

Spray paint it white, whip up a new cushion, and it's a beautiful before and after! AND the seat opens up for storage, bonus!

Knockoff Eames Lounge Chair - $50

I know it says "authentic" - while it may be authentically old, it's not an original Eames - but it's still cool!

MCM Dresser - $40

Super cute, still thinking about this one for the apartment in Delaware.

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