Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pink Gloves

I'm such a sucker consumer - right by the checkout counter at Home Depot they have packs of brightly colored gardening gloves in Hot Pink, Purple and Green. So of course who went home with pink gloves?

This girl!

They turned out to be very handy as we decided to tackle a few outdoor projects that had been on our list for a while.

First order of business, pull some offensive bushes.

See that random planter bed? One Japanese Holly, one azalea, about 100 irises, a few random day lilies, and some liriope. Micheal has been asking if he could clear it out for a while, since it has no symmetrical match on the other side of the yard and significantly impedes his mowing he has always disliked it.

A few quick pulls from the truck and the bushes were gone and we dug out the irises and day lilies because we were going to transplant them elsewhere.

Before giving him the green light I made him promise we would put down sod so I wouldn't have a big dirt pit. I'm still waiting... ;)

Using the truck to pull the azalea bush was a bit of overkill, but it was really practice to try and rid ourselves of the demonic holly trees by the front door. We dug out around them some, hooked up the chain, and cried when the smaller of the two scoffed at our attempt to uproot it.

Micheal set to dig it out more after that.

At about this point he was wondering aloud how much it would cost for a tree company to come pull them out, or maybe the cost of renting a bobcat for a day. Holly Trees - 1, Team S - 0.

We took the irises and lilies and planted them along our property line with some salvia and other flowers that we picked up at a local nursery along with the Japanese Maple I picked up last fall on clearance. We're trying to create some separation between our yard and the wild weeds and foliage in the woods next door.

We planted four patches of flowers and I'm going to continue to add until it's a solid row. I want to include spring, summer, and fall blooming plants so something is always in bloom!

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