Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Update & WWL 4/4/11

Several big things happened this weekend.

  1. We set about 75% of the cement board that will be the base for our new tile.

  2. We ordered the TILE!!! I changed my mind at the very last minute, deciding I didn't like the look of the tile we picked. This sent us to The Tile Shop - a fabulous store that I can't believe we didn't visit before! This is what we decided on and ordered.

    We got a 20% discount for ordering in the store, they deliver for free, and it should be in sometime this week! Awesome!
We're so close to being done with the kitchen I can TASTE it!! :)

What We Learned (recently)

  1. We aren't willing to pay "estate sale" prices that are run by companies, so I've had to alter how I look for sales and furniture.
  2. Fear the DC "Not In Service" buses...

  3. Real fans mourn the exit of their team from the NCAA tournament, bandwagon fans thank their team for a fun two weeks.
  4. Corded drills are intense!
  5. "Wii arms" should be an official medical diagnosis.

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