Monday, March 14, 2011

Holy 70's Batman!!

I feel like I should be breaking out my peace necklace and bell bottoms to work in this kitchen!

The kitchen floor is kinda like a time capsule:

2000 - cheap 88 cent sq/ft tile from Home Depot
90s/80s - vinyl squares with awesome blue diamonds
70s - psychedelic orange flowers
60s - scary asbestos tile, grey with pink and blue dots! (There is a small triangle exposed in the doorway that you can see.)

Under the orange there is asbestos tile :( so we're stopping at the 70s and will build our floor back over that. The asbestos is nicely sealed up under there so it's safe to leave it! But taking up the three layers of flooring got us a good inch of height back so we won't have to install a step to get into the kitchen. :)

This chunk took hour (ugh) so probably another full day of floor demo ahead of us!


Red said...

Wow, your time capsule is shockingly similar to mine! I've got the vinyl squares over plywood over vinyl over asbestos over hardwood. damn you, asbestos

LoLo said...

My mom has that exact tile!! Sadly it's still in her bathroom. It is not, however, that lovely orange color. But same ugly pattern! lol

Kari said...

Oh Red, asbestos over hardwood!! That's painful! Fortunately (or unfortunately) the asbestos is the first floor so I don't feel bad covering it up.

Ha! LoLo, I'm sure it adorns many a well loved 70's home everywhere!