Thursday, October 14, 2010

I said we were busy last weekend right?

Well I wasn't lying! And since this weekend is creeping up on us I decided to lump the rest into one post. :) Mega-productivity post!! (And avoiding my dissertation post...)

1. Put in the new cabinet Micheal built to fit the old refrigerator hole. This will give me 34" of additional counter space and was build specifically to house my amazing Green Apple Kitchenaid Mixer.




2. Built our own roll out cabinet shelf

The cabinet under the wall oven is one of those deep buggers where you stick long lost small appliances and then curse when you want to get out the mini-chopper and you have to unload the hand mixer, the crock pot, AND the rice cooker to get it. Also you look glamorous laying on your side reaching all the way to the back hoping there are no vicious dust bunnies.

We visited The Container Store and drooled over cabinet systems like these:

But $60?! For a drawer??

So we used one $13 set of drawer pulls and about $8 worth of wood to create our own. Yay DIY!

We put in 2x4 on the side to attach the drawer pulls.

One on each side - we went for the fancier "ball-bearing" slides. If you wanted to be even MORE frugal you can go for the $6 drawer slides.

To build the drawer we measured and cut a piece of plywood panel with our handy dandy finishing saw and cut four pieces of 1x4 for the sides. Next wood glue and nail gun!

3. Install above microwave cabinet, microwave, and signed our work. :)

This process was intimidating...we purchased our amazing Kenmore Elite microwave from Sears Scratch and Dent so it did not come with destructions (as my dad would say.) So we downloaded what we could and used the holes and screws available to try and figure out to hang this mammoth piece of cooking equipment.

Micheal build this upper cabinet that would attach to the top of the microwave and we hung the metal backing that the microwave slides onto.

Then we put on the F2F signature and left a note for any future homeowners who might remodel our kitchen in the future.

It was a very tense 10 minutes when we were holding and screwing this guy in but it was SO worth it. I love it...

And there you have it! Big plans for the weekend too! It's so close I can smell the cookies, can you?!

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Anonymous said...

OH Kari! Look at your beautiful kitchen! I love the note idea, that will be fantastic if someone discovers it (I say “if” because you would have to be nuts to remodel this beautiful kitchen!)