Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Update & WWL 6/20/10

The weekend update is moved up a day because tomorrow is a special occasion. :)

We only gave ourselves two goals this weekend to try and help focus on the cabinet doors...but we kinda have renovation ADHD and have difficulty focusing on just one project.

So the goals were:

  • Sand and paint cabinet doors - Both sides sanded, old handle and hinge holes filled, but not painted.
  • Take the fabric off one more cheetah seat. They're really gross so I can only get up the motivation to do one at a time. - Done!! Times TWO! Three down, one to go. :)
Other things that we did:
  • Mow the lawn and pull a TON of weeds
  • Strip the first layer of paint of the back of the bedroom door
  • Sand the top of the new (to us) dining room table
  • Go to dinner to celebrate our anniversary!

  • Get poison ivy again...(not me...)
  • Repair and oil the new (to us) buffet
Goals for next week:
  • Hopefully avoid having to order steroids for Micheal
  • Paint the cabinet doors
  • Order hinges and knobs
  • Sand second half of tabletop
  • Remove final seat cover
  1. Mowing your lawn is like shaving for a woman: When you have plenty of time you get everything trimmed nice and neat. When you're in a hurry you get the parts that everyone else can see and then hope for the best!
  2. Part of the law that keeps chair and couch owning people in line originated in Kansas!

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Kathleen said...

You look so beautiful in the dinner pic!