Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Update & WWL 6/14/10

Whew guys, this weekend was HOT!! Highs in the 90's so we spent most of our time indoors and enjoyed several frozen desserts. So let's see what we got done indoors!

  • Finish painting the side stairs (carryover) Done!!
  • Paint the MBR and MBath Doors - One side of the MBR door is stripped, that's it.
  • Sand & Paint the MBR door jamb - Yeah, totally even forgot that was on the list.
  • Find a planter for my poor parsley and basil, they're wasting away - Done!
  • Finish nightstand - Done! - Pics to come this week!
  • Fashion some plant stands for my ever growing garden! - Micheal says he has something for me, so I think that counts as progress
Other things that we did:
  • Micheal stripped the old caulk out off of the bedroom trim and repainted it, looks great!
  • Hung some wall decor in the bedroom - it's really starting to come together!
  • Took down the upper cabinet doors and removed the hardware!
Goals for the upcoming week(end):
  • Sand and paint cabinet doors! (Focusing on this project.)

  • Take the fabric off one more cheetah seat. They're really gross so I can only get up the motivation to do one at a time.
  1. When sanding doesn't work on gross paint, break out the chisel - works like a charm!
  2. We have two ground squirrels, a mouse, and three skinks. I think the word is out that we feed the woodland creatures.
  3. Communication is good.
  4. Deer poop looks like really big rabbit poop.
  5. I can get into any sport except hockey. I even got excited about watching the World Cup!
  6. The Big 12 might come to an end...and it makes me really sad.

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