Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Craigslist Find - A Nightstand!

Nightstand, bedside table, alarm clock pedestal - whatever you call it, I REALLY needed one!

However, I needed to find a matching piece to go with my refinished dresser so that sent me back to my good friend craigslist.

I picked up this beauty for a measly $15 and it's a near perfect match! I'm planning on adding the matching drawer pull that I saved so they look like they have always been together. :)

The finish is pretty rough.

This is how far I got sanding it down this weekend:

It's a tedious job, but in the end I think it's going to go great!

1 comment:

Candace said...

I think it is going to be awesome!

Matching drawer pull, look at you! :)