Monday, May 17, 2010

What We Learned this Weekend

What a beautiful weekend!! The first weekend in a long time with perfect weather and we took advantage of it. We mowed the ENTIRE lawn - didn't even skip any of the hard spots like we normally do! I worked on the infernal door and made progress and we also hung the curtains in our bedroom - all in all, a great weekend.

So here's what we learned:

1. Always keep back-up forks for when you've used all your "matching" silverware but the dishwasher isn't full enough to run.

2. We've got some new family members at F2F!

3. Our neighbor's idea of lawn maintenance is to weed whack the REALLY tall spots. The rest is - ah-nat-u-ral.

4. New tools are awesome.

5. The thrift store by my house puts the other two we visited to shame - orange fondue pot, Scattergories and Connect 4 all for $13!! (The Scattergories is for me the Connect 4 is for when I grow up and become a real child therapist.)

6. I am always amazed at the amount of furniture people are buying when we go to IKEA. I've never gotten the whole IKEA "craze," while I like their accessories their furniture to me is an enigma. Either it's SUPER cheap and lasts all of a year or it's expensive...and still really lasts for only a few years, maybe more if you treat it really well.

7. Side ponytails are coming back!!

8. It's much harder to get things done on the weekend during the summer because you have to mow the lawn too!

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