Monday, May 10, 2010

What We Learned this Weekend

Hmmm.....this is going to be a tough one. We got a bit done but I don't think we messed anything up!

1. Sometimes retail therapy helps, sometimes you just walk out of the store with a bunch of random junk and still feel like crap.

2. Always have a back up can of spray paint.

3. Maryland allergy season SUUUUCKS.

4. The Easter Market in DC was pretty cool, good vegetables although we'd probably drive next time. We spent more time on the metro than actually at the market!

5. Our shower needed to be cleaned...bad...(I'll leave it at that)

6. That only SyFy movies with one word titles are worth watching, like "Mosquito" or "Manbearpig" (hehe) but if there are two or more words in the title go ahead and keep flipping (Example one: Death Worms, not good)

7. Working with imperfect materials makes for imperfect measurements. But there is beauty in imperfection right?

8. When trying to buy someone a gift just think of what they would buy themselves if given the opportunity, don't make it complicated. Take my mom - I can always buy her books, baskets or candles. They may not be the most creative gifts ever but they always put a smile on her face!

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