Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's up this weekend and progress!

Greetings all! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather as much as Micheal and I are - we even took a break today to get out of the house and work on the yard!

We made our first spring trip to Home Depot to stock up on the essentials: a new garden hose, bird seed, woodland creature food and a hatchet! Why a hatchet? To battle the vines of death!!!

These crazy vines have taken over the trees on our hill; their leeching tentacles have burrowed into the trees creating a safe haven for bad bugs like carpenter ants. We have decided that they were killing our trees and the roots made it impossible to to do anything to the landscape, so we declared war!

So Micheal spent the afternoon doing that and I jumped back and forth between vine killing and door sanding. When we went to Home Depot I also picked up some sand paper with a heavier grit and it worked MUCH better on the door! I have one side done!

Tomorrow I'm going to take it outside, flip it over, and sand in the sun!

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