Sunday, March 28, 2010

Attack of F2F!

It appears that our blog has been causing some people's computers to freeze up! At first it was just my sister-in-law Jolene so I blamed it on a fluke and her kids messing with her computer. :)

But I just received an email from my friend Leslie over at The DIY Diaries that one of her readers was trying to access my page and it froze her computer as well!

So for now I have reverted to a standard Blogger format (although I hate being unoriginal...) and will slowly add in the F2F components to see if there was something in my previous formatting that was causing the problems.

We LOVE new readers - so hopefully these technical difficulties will be resolved soon!!

WE DO! :)


Susan F said...

< That would be me that was having the issues..but I am happy to say that whatever you did, worked like a charm because I have just spent the evening reading your entire blog..from the very first post!!
Keep up the awesome work.The house is coming along nicely!

Kari said...

Thanks Susan, I'm glad you enjoyed it!!