Monday, February 22, 2010

What we learned this weekend

We had a productive weekend! I made good progress on my dissertation and Micheal was a super champ and painted the walls!

What we learned:

1. Mushrooms must be next to black olives in the Pizza Hut prep bin.

2. When painting walls watch for kitties, they don't read wet paint signs.

3. When applying joint compound you should splurge and get yourself a larger Hammer End Joint Knife

Micheal tried to use a cheaper flex spreader that we already had and it drove him crazy until we got the nice one!

4. If the snow is wet and fluffy it actually makes for pretty good footing on the roof!

5. Our gutters were totally frozen and nothing was draining...

6. Dunkin Donut Sunday mornings are awesome (as is my husband, very awesome.)

I didn't so much learn this as realize it - my step-dad asked for more pictures on the blog but also said pictures of us would be nice too. So I thought about it...why don't we have pictures of us? Oh yeah, we get up on Saturday and Sunday and start working right away without primping and let me tell ya, those pictures would be SCARY!! :)

So I'll think about trying to take some pics when we're presentable just for you Bob! :) Have a happy week! Painted living/dining room pics to come tomorrow!

1 comment:

Bob said...

Thanks for the photos.

It’s nice to see you guys are having so much fun working on your new home.

Hope to see you soon, if it ever stops snowing.