Friday, February 12, 2010

MBR Ceiling Fan

I'm so excited, all the finishing touches on the MBR are coming together!! We decided to take advantage of our snow days to get some work done. :) We removed the can lights from our ceiling about 3 months ago, patched and painted the holes so there were no overhead lights in the bedroom. So we were installing a ceiling fan without an existing fixture/box.

Micheal used the junction box to trace and cut out the hole in the ceiling.

We learned at this point that we should have cut from the bottom up because cutting from the attic down caused chipping on the ceiling.

When installing a ceiling fan you need to purchase a mounting kit that will go between the joists in the ceiling. This is necessary to support the weight and movement of the fan.

Next Micheal attached the main assembly of the fan.

We had to again fight the crazy wiring as the fan required more wires than were available in the box. On my first wiring attempt the fan dimmer instead ran the lamp/outlet on the side wall...FAIL! So I went back to my handy dandy picture:

...and was able to make it work!!

After the electrical was complete we just followed the very detailed instructions and voila!

I love it!


Mom said...

Beautiful! Are you working on a new career?............electrical engineer?

Leslie said...

Looks fab, congrats!