Monday, January 4, 2010

What we learned this weekend

Welcome to the New Year! Micheal and I have declared this the year of Team S. We've had our share of ups and downs over the past 3 years - and while the ups were pretty high the downs were often pretty low. But we've managed to come out on top each time and I feel like this is our year to start balancing out and take a much calmer ride.

So our first "what we learned" of the year...

1. That it is REALLY cold in Philadelphia right now! But so worth the pain to see my Jayhawks play.

2. That if you find a home decor item you REALLY like and it's broken it takes a trip to at least 2 other Marshalls to find another one - but with persistence you're house can have a beautiful green lamp like mine!

3. It's sad to take down Christmas lights.

4. That $40 for an extension hose for the shopvac was a waste of money - always keep your receipts!

5. Sanding the ceiling sucks (Micheal learned this, not me.)

6. That we'll be able to buy our fabulous ceiling fan even sooner than we thought!!

7. We need another pair of needle-nose pliers.

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