Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What we learned this weekend (Tuesday edition...)

I know I keep saying this...but we are SO SO close to being done with the MBR it's silly! I don't want to post pics yet because I want the full effect of the before and after shots. All that's left off the weekend list is to do final paint touchups with the green paint. Not too shabby!

What we learned:

1. If you're not good at pouring from a super full jug of milk (me) you're probably not going to be good at pouring from a full can of paint (me). Yay for the initiation of new paint pants! ;)

2. Painting ceilings is a pain in the neck...literally...

3. When painting a ceiling, paint the shortest length of the ceiling and go in full lengths back and forth rather than short stretches longways. That makes sense to me...not sure if it'll make sense to anyone else.

4. That when you add "vintage" to the description of an item it increases the price by at least 200%.

5. I might be willing to pay $1100 for a toilet...

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