Sunday, November 22, 2009

You like really like me!

Leslie @ The DIY Diaries recognized my blog with this:

To accept this award, I have to answer a few questions. Here it goes!

1. Where is your cell phone: That is an amazing question and one that I ask on a daily basis. I'm too lazy to look so I'm going to say in my purse.

2. Your hair: Is fab!! The shortest I've ever had it, this would have been an excellent place to post a pic...but I haven't gotten one I like yet so I'm going to keep you in suspense!

3. Your mother: Is my hero - she is strong, supportive, rational, loving, confident, kind and my life would not be as rich if we weren't as close as we are.

4. Your father: Is the most loving, good-hearted man I know. He has an amazing zest for life and I'm blessed to have gotten much closer with him ironically as I moved farther away.

5. Your favorite food: Mexican, Reese's PB Sticks, Dr Pepper (it should be it's own food group...), broccoli chicken casserole, no bake cookies, I could go on...and on... I love food.

6. Your dream from last night: Anyone who knows me knows I dream really weird, intricate, and sometimes disturbing dreams. Last night my dream was about one of my major fears related to growing old...old lady feet... My feet were way to big for my shoes, were all ugly and sticking out of the sides and the peeptoes...scary.

7. Your favorite drink: Hmmm.....uhh.....this is a toughie...




Oh yeah!!

8. Your dream/goal: Wow - this is pretty deep. My goals are to finish my Ph.D., have a happy and wonderful life with my husband, have the ability to work part time when we have children, find time to travel, make our house beautiful and generally enjoy life.

My dream is to do this all from KC.

9. What room are you in: Living room with my Indi

9. What are your hobbies: I don't know that I really have any hobbies anymore... Does blogging count? Refinishing Furniture? Fantasy Football?

10. What is your fear: Currently - not finishing my dissertation.

11. Where do you want to be in 6 years: 6 years, well since I keep telling everyone we're on the "5 year plan" in six years we might be welcoming a new addition to our family and making major decisions about what we're doing with our lives.

12. Where were you last night: At home! How else can you renovate on the weekends?

13. Something you are not: Able to embrace delayed gratification on home projects. I start out excited but then I get bored and want them to be DONE!

14. Muffins: Blueberry, all the way.

15. Wish list items: A nice ceiling fan for our bedroom, a nightstand to go with my dresser, flooring for the basement, vanities for our bathroom... Kitchenaid mixer!!!

16. Where did you grow up: Topeka, KS

17. Last thing you did: Made a great dinner! Tried three new recipes, all very tasty!

18. What are you wearing: Orange sweatpants and a KC Chiefs t-shirt - go Chiefs!!

20. Your pets:
Indi - The Cuddler
Kali - The Princess
Moshe - The PITA (Pain in the...)

21. Your friends: Keep me going - I'm blessed to have friends across the country, from VA to FL to KS to TN to CA, that are there to celebrate, to comfort, to bolster, to bitch, and to talk whenever I need it.

22. Your life: Exhausting and wonderful

23. Your mood: Relaxed anxiety?

24. Missing someone: Being so far away I'm always missing someone - right now I wish I could spend some time with Bobbie and Sara. I'm sending my love to both of you!

25. Vehicle: 2002 Honda Accord - Everyone knows someone who loves a Honda

26. Something you’re not wearing: Shoes I guess...wearing everything else!

27. Your favorite store: Super Target

28. Your favorite color: It changes every few years - right now I'm totally into orange

29. When’s the last time you laughed: Today when Micheal attacked me to try and ward off my hiccups

30. When’s the last time you cried: Last Wednesday - it was a tough tough day

31. Your best friend: I'm blessed to have many!

32. One place you go over and over: See question #27

33. One person who emails me regularly: Sara, my mom and Bobbie

34. Favorite place to eat: Taco Casa!!

Thanks Leslie!! Now it's my turn and I'm going to nominate:

Ashley @ Decorating Obsessed
She's been doing some amazing work lately - check out her stair makeover!
Rose @ Pugs Not Drugs
Now it's truly "Pugs" Not Drugs with the most recent addition to their family! Welcome Betz!

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