Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend Plans

So we're finally back to working on the house! Although Micheal's taking a break today to have a guys lunch and I'll be taking a break tomorrow to see friends - otherwise it's - renovate, renovate, renovate! You might be wondering where we're at...we're wondering that ourselves. After taking some time off it seems to be difficult to get back into the groove and decide which projects to work on.

Here is what we're working on today:

Installing Refinished Baseboard

picture picture

Micheal's Dresser


Kari's Dresser

and...drumroll please........
Introducing - Kari's NEW DESK!!

Alright, so it's "new" to me, not so much new. It was originally a vanity but with the mirror removed it makes a great desk. It has some fun history behind it that I'll share during the renovation process.

So wish us luck! I hear the whir of the air compressor and the ker-chunk of the nail gun so I'd better get in there and help! Check back soon!

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