Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bargain Hunting 101

Anyone who knows me knows that I am the queen of frugal - my deal searching abilities are unparalleled (except maybe by Ashley) and I have been putting those skills into full force with this home renovation.

You have already been exposed to some of my craigslist searching (Jolene thinks I'm going to become a hoarder...) but I want to share with you an amazing warehouse that has been an excellent source of good deals.

The Community Forklift

This is a non-profit group that has filled a niche by providing salvaged, surplus & green building materials. I love this place and could probably go everyday to see what new things they get in. So far we have found some very good deals including:

A base cabinet that matches our kitchen cabinets so we can expand - $5

Ceramic tile to tile underneath the kitchen sink - like 15 cents a piece I think?

My painting ladder!!! (4 ft) - $4!!!

A new (to us) stainless steel sink - $20

Cork flooring - these were samples and we bought them for $1/piece (about 1.5 sq ft) and got enough matching to do our bathrooms! Cork is a green resource and will be a nice way to soften and warm up our bathroom.

Misc - lights (super cheap), that bar that goes from your shower head into the wall, new in package for $4/piece

The sliding glass door to replace the front window mishap - $30

They also came and picked up our old appliances for donation - tax writeoff, woohoo!! I tried to search in the KC area and didn't find one of these shops, but if you do find one make sure to check it out. Not only is it cost efficient (appeals to the frugal side of me) it's good for the planet to reuse materials so it doesn't end up in a landfill somewhere (the new green side of us.)

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