Saturday, August 29, 2009


This morning Micheal and I got up and decided that we would go remove the black plastic garden dividers out of the front yard. They were no longer really doing any good and were a part of an old landscaping scheme that we're going to move away from.

So I go out all gung-ho and just start ripping out the one surrounding the flower bed then we moved on to the one on the other side that really doesn't seem to be surrounding anything...

We pull...and pull...and it seems to go on forever... Finally the last piece is pulled out and Micheal almost fell over! (Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that!)

This is where it started. Micheal starts walking back around and all of a sudden I hear "OUCH!!" I look over and see two hornets trying to attack him! They're swarming all over the earth we have disrupted and Micheal was stung four times.

He yelled at me to get inside, so I open the door to go inside and who sneaks out the door? Kali! Of course this is the first time she makes a run for it with pissed off hornets swarming all over the yard. Micheal ran after her and finally caught up with her. They came around the back of the house to avoid the bugs.

They all seem to have dissipated now and we are going to have to find where their underground nest is to dispose of them...oh joy...

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